Monday, March 19, 2012

How to develop Mental Stamina

        When we talk about STAMINA we are referring to ENDURANCE. Endurance is the ability to endure hardship, the strength to continue, especially while being stressed or fatigued. There is no other way to build stamina but by placing yourself in those situations and effectively overcome the challenge. Physically, we are talking about the last few minutes of practice, the last few reps in the training room, the last few springs while your lungs are burning and your mind is telling you to stop. Overcoming those obstacles lead to better endurance and more physical stamina.
         However, did you notice I said it is the mind that is telling the body to stop, not the body wanting to stop. As humans our minds are wired to avoid pain, and send us signals to get away from the source of the pain. If you are touching something too hot, you flinch away. If you cut your finger, you immediately pull it away from the sharp object. When it comes to training though, we want to condition our minds to find comfort while in the heat of the battle. To tell the mind to "shut up," and keep training.
     I've found the best way for middle school and high school student athletes to Train the mind is through studying. Mental Stamina developed through school work, reading, mathematics are highly effective ways of focusing the mind on a task until mastery. When we talk about being a Student-Athlete, we aren't just talking about a person who is in school while doing a sport. We are talking about developing the mind, along with the body. The collaborative development and education of the mind along with the body. Studying is essentially a form of cross training for the mind. A way to rest the body, while you sit and train the mind!
     This form of cross training is not only limited to those enrolled in schools. Adults can do the same thing by reading a book, writing in a journal or blog, or simply engaging the mind with meditation. If you already do those things and find that you are unable to maintain your focus, and need that edge in mental stamina, try this. Start by enrolling in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Martial Arts ACADEMY... Notice the difference between and academy and a gym is significant. (Read the blog from a few weeks ago). Talk to the instructor about how to further develop your Mental Stamina, and actively engage in their training methods. Also, track your progress by setting a timer to see how long you are able to maintain a steady mind. The process of developing mental stamina is not some that happens over night. Nor is it something you do for a couple of months and you are set for the rest of your days. This requires a LIFESTYLE. A constant, day to day practice!

"Strengthen the mind!"
Eliot Kelly
Self Defense, Fitness, Competition

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